Automated Sample Processing System

Automated Sample Processing System



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The BK-PR48S Automated Sample Processing System is equipped with an independent HEPA filter system, and the BK-PR48 Automated Sample Processing System can be used with a biological safety cabinet. Could complete lid opening/closing, dispensing, proteinase K/internal control addition, it only takes 16 minutes to transfer 48 samples at one time, which helps laboratories quickly improve their large-scale nucleic acid detection capabilities

Sample processing for clinical diagnosis, epidemic surveillance, food safety, forensic identification, scientific research, etc.


Safety: BK-PR48S is equipped with high-efficiency filter and built-in UV lamp, and BK-PR48 can be used with a biological safety cabinet, to effectively prevent aerosol pollution.
Efficient: Cooperative processing with dual robotic arms, 20s/PCs
Convenient: Visual interface operation, easy to operate
Compatibility: Compatible with a variety of pipette tips, deep well plates, sampling tubes. (including blood collection tubes) specifications
Smart: One-key operation, smart dispensation

الوزن 75 كيلوجرام
الأبعاد 784 × 541 × 622 سنتيميتر


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