BLX Liquid-based Cytology Test Slide Processor(BCT-620 II)

BLX Liquid-based Cytology Test Slide Processor(BCT-620 II)



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● Fully automated slide processing from preparation to transparentizing process.
● Complete a single run of 24 slides in 42 minutes.

● Intuitive touch-screen interface puts the entire process at your fingertips.

● Different staining modes (Pap and HE stain) can be selected as needed.

●Adjustable parameters meet different needs of customers.

● Consistent results with staining in individual chambers using fresh reagents for every sample.

●Disposable tips and Dripping style staining avoid other samples to control risk of cross
●Self-test and reminder: alarm reminder when reagents are insufficient.
● Good image effect: keep cells in good shape and distribute them uniformly.
● Minimal hands-on-time allows staff to perform other tasks.
● Memory function: continue the operation which stopped due to power failure.
● Automated transparentizing process.
●The waste fluid can be vacuumed into the waste bottle through waste-vacuum-line during the
staining process to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.


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