Electric Laboratory Centrifuge

Electric Laboratory Centrifuge



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  • ✔ FUNCTION:The electric Centrifuge can separate the liquid from the solid particles or the liquid mixture of different density, Equipped with speed and timer control, make your control more freely.
  • ✔ LOWER-SPEED CENTRIFUGAL MACHINE:Has a maximum capacity of 6 x 20ml and a maximum speed of 0-4000rpm and it has a 0 to 60 minute timer, Maximum relative Centrifugal force: 1790×g,Mainly be used for the appraisal of radioactivity immunity and separation of cell or particle,making it a great choice for low volume sample separation.
  • ✔ STRUCTURAL PRINCIPLE:By making use of the principle of centrifugal settling, the low-speed centrifuge is used for separating, concentrating and purifying the particles with different densities in solution.
  • ✔ FIELD OF APPLICATION:Medical (such as: hospital, the centers. for disease control and prevention, blood centers, animal husbandry and aquaculture, ria), research (such as colleges and universities, research institutes, research and development center, laboratory),production (such as biology engineering, biology pharmacy, genetic engineering,biochemistry, plant extract, blood products, food processing, petrochemical, creamy separation), etc


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