MicroPette Plus Autoclavable Pipette – 10ul

MicroPette Plus Autoclavable Pipette – 10ul


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The new generation fully autoclavable mechanical pipette has the best ergonomic design and ultralight weight. It has been designed keeping in mind the human form and human factors to offer a smooth and effortless ergonomic pipetting experience. It is UV sterilizable and resistant to strong chemical corrosion. In addition, the volume lock helps protect from volume changing accidentally and achieves reliable pipetting of the smallest volume of liquids.

1. Ultra-light body
The weight is less than 75g, which can reduce fatigue and bring a comfortable pipetting experience
2. Accurate pipetting
The new piston seal structure combined with metal screw to achieve more accurate pipetting and effectively reduce the pressing force.
3. Complete sterilization
Strong materials ensure Hipette can be fully autoclavable, UV sterilizable, and resistant to strong chemical corrosion.

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